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What Physical Security Consultants Can Do for Your Property

Making sure your property has proper security is one of your most important jobs. While tenants might appreciate luxuries like high-end amenities, they ultimately expect to work or live in a place free from unauthorized intruders and crime. But if you need help establishing security protocols throughout your property, who can you call? The answer: a physical security consultant.

What does a physical security consultant do?

A physical security consultant is a security specialist that you can hire to analyze your property and recommend upgrades, fixes, and hardware additions that will improve physical security.

Physical security consulting firms come in all sizes, from local one-person operations to larger companies that service clients across the globe.

If you’re a property owner, physical security consultants survey your property and recommend changes you can implement to make your building more secure. These recommendations might include implementing new operating procedures for staff to follow or installing more hardware, like fences, signs, or cameras.

However, if you’re an architect in charge of designing a property, a physical security consultant will provide broader recommendations. In these cases, consultants will likely recommend larger changes related to the building’s infrastructure and ability to support security on a structural level.

So, how can physical security consultants offer such a wide range of services? Well, there are different types of physical security consultant jobs, each with different skills and areas of expertise.

At Systems and Design Security Integrators we have over 20 - 30 years of industry experience. In high rise projects, construction and property management experience. Providing our wealth of knowledge to help with any solution.

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