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Hikvision Releases New 2nd Gen Value IP Camera Series – with AcuSense Technology

Security cameras are not only going to provide reliable and clear images, they should provide peace of mind, security and convenience, day and night. That’s why we have introduced AcuSense technology as a standard feature in our next generation Value Series cameras.

AcuSense takes the Hikvision quality you know and trust to the next level, with AI technology to provide advanced, actionable video analytics. We’ve made our security solutions even smarter so you see better, know better and are better organized. It’s security made better and easier.

See better

Our newest security solution - the 2nd Gen Value IP Cameras - provide the high-quality images and enhanced motion detection you’ve come to trust in our premium cameras, but without the high price tag. The 2nd Gen Value IP Cameras were created to add the protection of greater IR distance than previous generations. You’ll have better quality, clearer, long-distance footage in the dark, improving your ability to see the finer details. You can trust the 8-megapixel cameras to deliver improved, high-definition sharpness and WDR performance, allowing you to better identify targets and security risks.

Use time better

Your time is valuable. You don’t have the time to wade through hours of footage to pinpoint specific events. The 2nd Gen Value IP Cameras come with Motion Detection 2.0, meaning fewer false alarms triggered by weather and light changes. End users will save time and disruption searching video clips for specific events with this enhanced feature.

Identify better

Playback and target classification are easier with Motion Detection 2.0. The 2nd Gen Value IP Cameras not only classify target type, but also sort them into human, vehicle and others. If you know what you’re looking for, you no longer have to spend countless hours sorting through all the motion triggers throughout the day. You’ll find what you’re looking for quickly, so that you can act quickly to protect your property.

Categorize better

Do you need to save or show the video to a colleague or legal authority? No problem. The segmented clips can be colour coded and easily identifiable in NVR playback to make finding and accessing the footage quick and easy.

Whatever your unique needs, there is a 2nd Gen Value IP Camera for you. We’ve produced the next generation Value line in bullet, turret or dome form factors, continuing to demonstrate our commitment to accessibility and innovation.

The 2nd Gen Value IP Cameras is the new standard for surveillance cameras, offering an increased level of protection at an affordable price.

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