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Hikvision-Next Level Dash Cams Day and Night

Capture what matters, when it matters

The introduction of seat belts was deemed necessary to protect people on the road because, no matter how safe the driver, road conditions and other drivers threaten safety in unpredictable ways. Thanks to advancements in technology and our commitment to help protect what matters, now there’s more you can do to keep yourself safe when you’re behind the wheel.

We’ve been in the business of protecting people and property for over 20 years. Now, we’re introducing added road security and safety with Hikvision Dashboard Cameras.

Dashcams have grown in popularity in recent years as they’ve proven to be invaluable in identifying dangerous incidents that threaten safety on the road. That’s why we’ve taken what you’ve come to expect from the global leader in video surveillance and put it into an unobtrusive, Wi-Fi enabled dashcam with built-in GPS.

We made the latest in Hikvision’s growing line of camera technology user-friendly so that there is no fussing with wires and confusing software. Everything you need is in the palm of your hand, with an app that allows you to access and control your dashcam with the ease and convenience of wireless technology. Video images will upload directly to your phone via Wi-Fi, enabling you to view and manage your video and camera settings from anywhere.

You can rely on our dashcams to provide high-resolution image capture of any incidents on the road. We’ve included mics and speakers as standard features on all Hikvision dashcams because you should be able to rely on your camera to capture all of the most important details. Trust your dashcam to see and hear what you might have missed while you were focused on the road.

All Hikvision dashcams come equipped to withstand impact and keep your captures safe. In the event of an accident, the built-in features trigger the G-Sensor to lock the recording video right onto the MicroSD card making sure the footage isn’t overwritten or lost. If you’re in an accident, that dashcam will be your best piece of evidence. We’ve made sure those vital images are safe and secure, ready when you need them, at the touch of a finger.

We understand the value of sharp and crisp image quality to keep people and property protected. With superb, balanced performance, day or night, you can drive with confidence, knowing the dashcam is keeping an extra eye on the road.

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