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Hikvision and Prysm Software deliver seamless integration of security, access control, fire.

Prysm Software has partnered with Hikvision to help customers seamlessly integrate a wide range of security, access control, and building management solutions. Hikvision interviewed David Fiorina, Business Development Director at Prysm Software, to find out how Prysm’s AppVision platform and HikCentral Professional come together to increase integration options for customers.

Q: What is Prysm Software all about as a company and what is your AppVision software?

A: Prysm Software was founded with the purpose of creating an open platform to seamlessly integrate a wide range of security, access control, fire, and building management systems and devices. Through our AppVision platform, building managers and security teams can see more of what's happening in their operations. , with a single interface for alerts and data from multiple, mission-critical systems. Using AppVision, multi-vendor technologies and environments are fast and easy to install, integrate, and manage, which saves customers time and resources, and extends the useful lifecycle of legacy equipment and software.

Q: What is unique about the AppVision solution?

A: AppVision strives to differentiate itself from other Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) solutions by being totally open and, therefore, customizable. As well as being really easy to deploy for standard projects, advanced customers can use our intuitive configuration tool and our Software Development Kit (SDK) to build their own new modules to meet specific business or vertical needs. For example, we have several resellers who have added new modules to manage bespoke requirements in their own verticals, such as motorway management, or even to convert their own proprietary access control software into an open integration platform for building management.

This kind of self-customization simply isn’t widely available in our industry which makes Prysm a very rare and valued technology partner.

Q: AppVision is fully integrated with Hikvision’s HikCentral Professional platform. How does this help customers achieve their business goals?

Hikvision is the global market leader in video-based security solutions. Hikvision provides corresponding solutions for different industries and application scenarios. And it can make corresponding customization according to customer's needs to help customers achieve greater business value. The requirement is even greater where a customer operates multiple sites. In this case, they usually want to centralize and manage all their sites to coordinate with each other and to increase efficiency. AppVision can be deployed to enable all of this.

The HikCentral integration with AppVision is a fantastic facilitator for customers who want to deploy HikCentral, but who also want to integrate their solutions with other brands or open protocols, such as building automation or HVAC systems. The HikCentral platform can obtain these events and alarms in real time via AppVision – graphically, or in event lists, as well as providing a workflow to guide operators through each event.

Quite simply, AppVision helps Hikvision customers easily integrate HikCentral Pro with the rest of their global technology ecosystem.

Q: Why did Prysm Software decide to partner with Hikvision and to integrate AppVision with HiKCentral?

Prysm is very focused on providing open platform solutions for security, access control, fire and building management, as well as building technology partnerships and OEM partnerships – and these are all absolutely critical to our success.

Quite simply, we need to seamlessly integrate the most important solution providers into AppVision – and Hikvision is a very important technology partner indeed in our industry.

Globally, many of our customers deploy Hikvision solutions. That’s why we are constantly updating and extending our Hikvision integrations to offer even richer features and functionality through AppVision.

Q: How does Hikvision support your work to extend and update HikCentral integrations?

Large solution providers are sometimes hard to work with for support, to test new equipment, or obtain information.

At Hikvision that’s not the case, and we have identified points of contact who help us with timely information and support to help us create new, value-added integrations for our clients. We can reach out to the Hikvision team and have test equipment delivered quickly to our premises, which really helps us to deliver new innovations to our customers. Right now, we have customers asking about new types of Hikvision cameras and features, and we can be confident that we’ll get great support.

Q: Are there any other ways Hikvision is helping your company and your customers succeed?

A: Yes, as a leading global brand, Hikvision is helping us to promote our solution around the world. This is ramping up as more people within Hikvision understand that AppVision can be used as a gateway between customers’ existing multi-vendor solutions and their Hikvision solutions.

For example, if a Hikvision customer is using a legacy access control or security alarm system, AppVision can be used as a gateway with HikCentral to enable it. This results in huge time and cost savings for the customer. It’s also fantastic for us to be included in these kinds of Hikvision projects because we can share in the commercial success as well.

Find out more

If you'd like to find out more about the HikCentralPro VMS integration with Prysm’s AppVision, please contact us today.

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