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Coming Soon to System's & Design Security

Dangerous scenes look fascinating in movies. Disasters, burglaries, fires — seeing them on a comfortable couch, we feel on edge yet secure. But real life doesn't offer the second take. So we've made a movie about everyday life where Ajax plays the leading role. He is certainly not a master of drama, but no doubt, he is the best in class when security is art. --------------- This is an official Ajax Systems channel. We manufacture wireless security systems for home and business that revolutionize the industry. Our mission is to bring professional security technologies closer to people. The product line includes dozens of devices: motion detectors, opening detectors, glass break detectors, leak and fire detectors, as well as sirens, relays, and smart plugs. They allow Ajax to perform tasks of a burglar alarm and smart home system simultaneously. Subscribe to our channel to be the first to know about company news, watch expert reviews, interviews, and how-to videos. Learn more at

Offering full integration with your alarm and cameras on one app.

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