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ColorVu for Full Color Images 24/7, AcuSense for False Alarm Reduction

New Technologies for Retail Applications: ColorVu for Full Color Images 24/7, AcuSense for False Alarm Reduction

December 12, 2019





Hikvision’s new security technologies—ColorVu and AcuSense—support a wide-range of retailer applications to improve video quality, optimize staff, and reduce liability risk. AcuSense offers accurate human and vehicle detection for a reduction in false alarms, while ColorVu protects people and property by delivering full color images 24/7 in challenging light conditions. Read below for more details about these solutions for retailers, small businesses and parking lot applications. AcuSense Helps Retail Stores By accurately detecting humans, AcuSense can help retail stores monitor key locations such as the cashier area, staff-only areas, and the stock room. Retail owners and managers can view video footage on their mobile device or laptop from remote locations using Hikvision’s iVMS-4200 application. This allows owners to remotely monitor incidents and employee activity. Vehicle detection helps track authorized employee and patron parking within the store’s parking area. False alarms are an issue that leads to time and money focused on unimportant events, since traditional motion detection often results in numerous false alarms. Hikvision AcuSense gives retailers the opportunity to tackle this issue in a cost-effective way, making the latest technology innovations affordable and easily accessible for first time. Key benefits include:

  • AcuSense false alarm reduction saves time and money spent on non-threatening events with fasterand more accurate intrusion detection.

  • AcuSense Quick Target Search feature enables staff to automatically identify footage of people and vehicles, eliminating manual searches of video footage.

  • AcuSense strobe light and audio alarm message enhances deterrence. Once a potential intruder has been accurately detected, the AcuSense camera triggers the built-in strobe light and audio alarm designed to warn the intruder before they act. (SL models)

  • AcuSense Extended Monitoring Area makes it possible for one guard to handle multiple alarms, since AcuSense filters out false alarms of non-human objects, streamlining the monitoring process from a central station or a remote location. This improved accuracy means a large staff is not required to effectively monitor and respond to security threats.

  • AcuSense Easy Configuration allows users to easily and quickly enable a video analysis rule to start enjoying the simplicity and effectiveness of AcuSense performance.

For additional information, click here to download a copy of our AcuSense brochure. ColorVu Technology Protects People and Property Hikvision ColorVu lenses and sensors work together to produce brighter images. The camera’s advanced lenses and high-sensitivity sensors capture details in low lighting, poor lighting, zero-light scenarios, and nighttime environments. They are also equipped with eco-friendly supplemental lighting that is adjustable on a scale of 0—100 to ensure detailed, full color video and images. The adjustable lighting level allows the customer to properly illuminate the area as needed to best suit the scene. ColorVu technology helps protect people and property for retailers and small businesses by enabling more effective monitoring of entrances and exits as well as dimly-lit interior and exterior areas where theft or assaults could occur, such as dark hallways and walkways, dumpster areas, and loading docks. Better illumination with ColorVu cameras protects employees, customers and assets, and helps them to feel safe. Hikvision ColorVu is an effective tool to monitor parking lots, which are difficult to protect for many reasons. ColorVu supplemental lighting makes parking lots easier to secure, and there is no need for additional lighting to capture high-quality, full color images. ColorVu’s eco-friendly, warm lighting does not interfere with a driver’s vision. All these features save money and ensure high resolution, while detailed imagery—such as the color of a person’s clothing or the color of a car—are recorded for forensic review. Hikvision ColorVu delivers a powerful breakthrough in full color video and images, day and night, using three key technologies:

  • Wider super-aperture lens, up to ƒ/1.0, to enable more light to enter the camera

  • Advanced high-sensitivity sensor maximizes the amount of light entering the camera to capture brilliant, full color images

  • Supplemental light to illuminate the field of view in all lighting conditions, including total darkness

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